Saturday, July 30, 2022

Brain and Spirit (3)

Some Christians call their facility to see and hear in the spiritual realms their “spirit”, and there may be some scriptural justification for that, but that does not tell us much more, given that the Greek and Hebrew words for spirit mean wind, which suggests something that can’t be seen, which has an effect that can be observed.

The example of Jesus is interesting. I beleive that he had this facility in operation before he was baptised in the Spirit.

  • I presume that Jesus had to partially give up his ability to discern the spiritual realms so that he would be like us and experience life like us.

  • I suspect that Jesus had far more spiritual experiences before his ministry began than are described in the gospels. The spiritual powers of evil had tried to kill him when he was born. I don’t imagine that they gave after their first attempt as this was a desperate spiritual battle. I don’t think that his temptation in the wilderness was his first temptation. I presume that the evil powers continued to attack him throughout his life and tried to deceive him into doing something wrong that would wreck his ministry. They had probably continued trying to kill him with falling rocks etc.

  • Obviously, his baptism in the Spirit heightened his spiritual discernment, but because he a not affected by guilt and shame I presume that he had far better insight into the spiritual realm, than most of us have. I presume that this enabled him to identify the source of his temptations and resist them.

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