Saturday, March 19, 2005

Ascension Ministries

Much has been written and said about the restoration of the ascension ministries. Yet, most evangelists are still in para-church organisations and few churches have a functioning evangelist. Most prophets are still in the wilderness, while very few churches have an authentic prophetic ministry. Pastors are everywhere, but very few Christians are being effectively discipled (pastored). Most modern apostles look like traditional bishops, with more of the Spirit, and less of the regalia. Being Church Where We Live explains that the ascension ministries are just roles undertaken by elders. By bring these giftings “down to earth”, they become relevant to all Christians, rather than being limited to a few superstars.

The unintended consequence of the modern pastor/leader model is a desperate shortage of real pastoring in the modern church. Inadequate pastoring means that only a fraction of new Christians are fully discipled and even fewer move into a ministry. Many churches are full of half-done Christians and many get lost and fall away each year.

Most pastor/leaders are wonderful, dedicated, loving, enthusiastic people, but they are spread too thin. A weekly sermon, a monthly chat and a program once a year will not defeat evil attacks and transform lives. The inevitable result is a few very exhausted pastor/leaders, far more frustrated potential pastors, and a large number of immature and defeated Christians. Being Church Where We Live provides a ministry model that will ensure that every believe has a real shepherd.

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