Sunday, March 06, 2005

Spiritual Protection

Despite the victory of the cross, Christians everywhere are being battered and decimated by sickness and the trials of life. This suggests that there is something desperately wrong with our spiritual protection.

Despite being engaged in a spiritual battle, most Christians do not know how to protect themselves from evil attack. Some go over the top and see evil spirits everywhere, and others just ignore evil. The result is that many Christians are weakened or defeated by the forces of evil.

An army would not send soldiers into battle without teaching them how to defend themselves against attack. To be effective in serving the Lord, we must be experts on Spiritual Protection.

For an effective defence against evil, I need Christians friends to:

  • Encourage me in ministry
  • Stand with me against evil attacks
  • Warn me of bad decisions
  • Challenge my besetting sins
  • Comfort me in trouble

1 comment:

Edna Sybil said...

Problem is that most Christians are spiritual babes. The unseen realm is far more complicated than we have been taught.People trained or just dabbling in black arts have the advantage over us. We are babes in the wood expecting God to do everything and shocked when the enemy kills, steals & destroys.