Saturday, March 05, 2005

What Would Jesus Change

A friend asked, "What aspects of our lives are shaped by the world, rather than the gospel?" Here is my answer.

Serving our status
Maintaining our comfort
Strengthening selfishness

Individualism and Independence
High fences around our houses
Unknown neighbours
A room for every family member
Sorting our own problems

Working hard at Working
Most of our lives spent at work
Often at work we do not like
Often doing things that are not part of our calling

Faith in the State Divine
Trusting the state to solve every problem
"The government should do something about it", we say
Giving the state authority to decide right and wrong
Allowing the state to take half of all that we earn

Toleration of Trash
Inability to discern evil
Evil called good and good called evil
Acceptance of marginal advertising
Silence as the beast emerges

Doctors first, God second
Faith in drugs
Reliance on remedies
Salvation by surgeons

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