Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Not J-in-J

Many Christians think that Jesus ruling as king in would be the perfect government, but this is really an awful idea. The thought of Jesus sitting in and using an “iron fist” to crush all opposition is repulsive and because it is contrary to the gospel it cannot work. Military power does not produce good government. The United States has one hundred thousand well armed troops in Iraq, but they have not been able to enforce peace. How would Jesus sitting on a throne in Jerusalem be able to do any better. Many evil people would just ignore him.

If Jesus has to come back to bring peace to the world then the gospel must be useless and the Holy Spirit is a failure. God does not use force to bring change to the world, but change the hearts of people, so that they freely choose to obey him. God is backing the gospel and the Holy Spirit, so counting on the return of Jesus to bring peace to the world is a false hope.

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