Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Relationship Crimes

This hardness of heart principle means that relationship type crimes should not be enforced in a society where the majority of people are not Christian. If Moses showed mercy, we should too. If he did not enforce God’s standard against adultery, we should not be attempting to establish laws against other “relationship sins”. God has changed his mind; rather he is realistic about what can be achieved by the Law.

In modern society, adultery is so widespread that enforcing a law against it would be impractical. Likewise, homosexual activity is so widespread in modern society that enforcing a law against a law against it would be impossible. These laws should be taken off line in our time, due to “hardness of heart”.

The same principle applies to blasphemy or “treason against God”. This means that in a non-Christian society, crime should be limited to theft, violence and false witness.

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