Saturday, November 26, 2005

Risks to a Peaceful Society

A peaceful community that relies on judges for justice will be a great place to live, so only a fool would not want to change it. Foolishness cannot be eliminated, so a wise community will think about risks to it peace. A community under the government of God will face three different risks.

  1. A foreign nation or government may try to invade the peaceful community. A temporary military leader to lead resistance is the best solution to this problem.
  2. A temporary military commander may try to become king and the people might be afraid to resist. The best solution to this problem is to limit payments to the military commander and ensure that all soldiers are volunteers. If the military leader is dependent on the community for his resources, they will desert him, when he gets too big for his boots.
  3. A criminal may become a predator and use his unjust gains to terrorise his community. If justice is effective, then offenders should be dealt with before they become hardened criminals preying on their communities. Prophets will have a role in warning against potential predators.
A free society that lives under God’s law and good judges will be able to deal with all threats to it peace, provided people are alert to the dangers.

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