Monday, March 27, 2006

City Politics

Our city leaders are worried about the inner city. Shoppers have stopped going to the inner city, because they prefer shopping in suburban shopping malls. The parking is better and the shops are closer together and under cover.

So what does the City Council do? What they are good at. Spend more money. They are increasing the rates (paid by people who prefer shopping in suburban malls), so they can spend millions on revitalization the inner city. There aim is to make people (who prefer shopping in suburban shopping malls) shop in the city centre. They know best where people should do their shopping, so they will spend the people's money, getting them to do their shopping in a place where they don't like shopping. This is the twisted logic of the politicians.

I am glad that this City Council was not around when the horse and carriage was being superseded by the automobile. I presume they would have taxed cars, so they could spend millions preserving the carriage building industry.

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