Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Where are the Prophets

Randy Williams makes some perceptive comments in his article called Where Are the Prophets.

In some churches the “prophecy” is very weak. It doesn't "move" or "stir" anyone and it is forgotten almost as soon as it is pronounced. For example you have a “dead” church of bored complacent saints and someone stands up and says “my sweet children, how I love you and want you to be free from any striving”. And no one speaks up either to confirm or reject the word given. And each week the same person stands up and gives the same type of flowery “feel good” word. If Elijah himself were there he’d be scratching his head saying “Striving? These people wouldn’t know how to strive if their life depended on it. Did she say striving or snoring?"

The prophet is designed by the Lord to be the ‘eyes’ of the body. They are designed to be “watchmen”. Yet in our modern pastor-dominated churches the watchmen is not allowed to speak out on what he sees. Can you fathom the foolishness of this? Imagine a watchman in Israel on the wall. He sees the enemy approaching, he starts to yell out to warn the people, then someone says “brother, please don’t raise your voice, we don’t want to startle anyone.” So the people aren’t warned at all. You would agree that this is absurdity, yet you sit in a church week in and week out that functions in exactly this manner.

There are prophets among us today just as there have always been prophets. Prophets are meant to be a functioning part of the “body of Christ”. I have to say “meant to be” because we do not see them actually functioning this way today. Why don’t we? There are a variety of reasons. Some of these reasons are deep seated and foundational. We can summarize it by saying “the churches today don’t follow a biblical model”.
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Ted M. Gossard said...

Ron. Helpful thoughts to me. And good food for thought.

Good in helping me see how those with prophetic gifting are important for us and our churches.