Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Watchmen (2)

When a watchman receives a dream or vision about a cataclysmic event, they should be very careful about how they give warning. Before speaking, they should find out the status and meaning of the events they have seen.

Again, if the trumpet does not sound a clear call, who will get ready for battle? (1 Cor 14:8).
A cataclysmic vision or dream may have any of the following possible meanings.
  1. symbolic message with a spiritual interpretation,
  2. a warning of what Satan is planning, so that we can resist him,
  3. a warning event, that is a type of something worse coming,
  4. an event that may happen soon
  5. and event that is a long way into the future,
  6. and event that will only happen, if God's people do not repent.
  7. a final judgment on a people that has rejected God.
The appropriate response is different for each of these different types.

Modern Christians have a tendency to assume the worst. We generally interpret vision or dream of awful events literally. We also assume that the event is coming soon and that its coming is certain. This is often not the case.

Sounding the trumpet is not sufficient. Sharing a vision is not enough. Watchmen are required to sound the trumpet clearly. When sharing a vision or dream, they should also explain its meaning. If this does not happen, God's people will become confused. Too much confusion could lead to Christians being defeated and God's name being mocked.

During this current season, too many confusing visions are being shared. Many of these visions have come from the Lord, but because their meaning is misunderstood, God's people are being confused. We need a clear sounding of the trumpet to prepare God's people for victory.

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