Sunday, September 24, 2006

All Plank No Spec

The bun fight between our political leaders has turned nasty. The Leader of the Opposition says that the Prime Minister is “corrupt”. The Prime Minister says that the Leader of the Opposition is “corrosive". Neither can see the plank in their own eye, but the true nature of politics is being revealed.

  • Politics is a corrupt business.
  • Politics is a corrosive activity.

Taking money off people without their permission is usually called theft, robbery, embezzlement or fraud. When politicians do it, it is called fiscal policy. The fact that politicians think that there is a difference shows how corrupt they have become.

Despite an enormous increase in state power over the last century, the world has not become a better place. The reason is that most political activity fails to achieve its goal. So politicians always want more power and more money to fix up the problems that they have created. This shows what a corrosive activity it is. Politics eats away at everything that is good to make it mediocre.

The politicians are talking about conspiracy, but the truth about politics is being revealed.

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