Friday, September 22, 2006

Is God Silent? No!

If God has given a system of government and it has not been abolished, then why do Christians assume that God is silent about political issues? The answer is that we do not like God’s system. His law is okay, but we want something more. This is just like Israel. They were not satisfied with the law. They wanted the law plus a king (1 Sam 8). We are the same. We want the law plus a constitution, or the law plus democracy. Everyone wants the law and more.

We look in the law and find that there is no laws prohibiting alcohol sales, censoring movies, controlling the money supply, prohibiting monopoly trading or implementing tariffs, so we decide that God’s law is inadequate. We feel that God’s law does not deal with every modern situation, so we want a parliament to create more law.

But we forget what we are saying. We are saying that God’s law is inadequate. Saying that God is wrong is a big call. He does not make many mistakes, so it is more likely that we are wrong and that his law is not inadequate.

Our problem is that we want to use civil government for purposes that God never intended. The reason that the issues that we worry about are not covered in the law is that they cannot be resolved by civil government. Law and More will not work because law cannot do more than God than he specified.

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