Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Submitting to Government

When should I submit to the government?

The answer to this question is simple. I surrender most of the time, because the state is bigger than I am, and I do not want to get beaten up. Most of us want a peaceful life. I will disobey to preach the gospel, help someone in need, or to speak prophetically against the state in obedience to the Spirit, if I am brave enough to risk getting beaten up.

Asking if you should submit the the government is a silly question, because modern government gives you no choice. It is stronger than you, so it will always win. The only choice you have is whether to acquiesce quietly or whether to rebel against it. The outcome will generally be be the same, regardless of my choice. You can place your neck under its foot, or wait until it puts its foot on your neck. Either way it will win, because it is stronger than you.

When writing his epistle, Peter suggests that rebelling is a waste of energy and will obstruct the advance of the gospel. We should wait on God to overthrow ungodly governments.

In Romans 13:1, Paul was not writing about submitting to a government as we understand it. He was writing about how we can create a radically different type of government. More on this here and here.

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