Friday, November 17, 2006

Caring for the Poor (9) - Simple Lifestyle

As Churches get serious about sharing their possessions, a simple lifestyle should start to emerge. People will still own property and possessions, but their attitudes should be very different. They will choose a simpler lifestyle, not because possessions are evil, but because they are irrelevant. Christians should be so focussed on what God is doing that they lose interest in the things that occupy the world.

If the Holy Spirit is really moving in power, Christians will find it hard to be absorbed in a newer house or a bigger yacht? If the Lord is “adding to their number daily”, “retail therapy” will seem quite boring. If there is great joy in their neighbourhood, because paralytics and cripples are being restored, who would be dreaming about upgrading their car? The members of a Church will be so involved in the work of the Holy Spirit, that they will lose the need to own more and more things.

Sharing will mean that Christians can live better than the rest of society, while owning fewer possessions. Consequently, they will be able to spend less time working for money and more time working for the Lord. If they are called to work, they will be able to give more freely to support people in need. Sharing will free up resources for the work of the Kingdom. If God’s people learn to live simply and to share what they have, deacons will be able to use the surplus to minister to people in need.

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Anonymous said...

This has been a tremendous series thus far. You see this as I do pretty much.

I think this is the best. I believe in a fasted lifestyle. Living below our capacity, simple.

My problem with the way the USA deals with the poor and for that matter the church, it doesn't take into account the issues of enablement and cycles of poverty enhanced by wrongful "Help".

Once this series is done, I will repost it for the readers I have (with attribution). It is a worthy effort.

Much of what is done in the name of Jesus by many churches is far from what Jesus would do regarding the poor.

If they truly are poor and need help then do all you can and help them. If they just are people who have learned to work the system, kick them out on the street. Knowing the difference seems to be the problem.

Gene Redlin