Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Theological Answers

Yesterday I asked four thelogical questions.
1. Did Jesus burp after eating?
2. Did Jesus ever have a headache?
3. Did Jesus fart?
4. Did Jesus ever catch a cold?

My answers are:
1. Yes
2. No
3. Yes

4. No

Burping and farting are a normal part of human life. If we Jesus was truely human, these things would be a normal part of his life.

On the other hand, sickness came into the world through the fall. There were no headaches or colds in the Garden of Eden. Adam and Eve's sin allowed the Devil to attack us with these sicknesses. Jesus was able to resist the attacks of the enemy, because he lived a sinless life.

I can imagine him being tired and exhausted. I can even imagine him burping after the last supper, but I just cannot imagine him with a cold or a headache.

More on this topic here.


Ted Gossard said...


Very thought provoking. I certainly believe Jesus had splinters. And learned his trade, making mistakes along the way, or more accurately perhaps, improving along the way.

Not sure about the sickness thing. After all, he could die. Though that was planned for our redemption. But it does indicate his partaking with us of the effects of the Fall, in his incarnation. He didn't sin, to be sure. But he as not as Adam was prefall, as to effects of sin, I don't believe.

Ted Gossard said...

Or cuts, if Jesus didn't work with wood but with stone, or whatever. ha

Anonymous said...

So, you are saying that sickness is a result of the Fall, I agree with this. I also agree that Jesus never sinned. But He was still living in a world full of sin and well germs. So, how could Jesus not get sick if he was exposed to germs? Jesus was human while on the earth, therefore, he must have gotten sick.