Friday, November 03, 2006

Dawkins on God

Bill Bonner has a great take on Richard Dawkin's latest book called the God Delusion.

Heaven doesn't exist, says Richard Dawkins; it is a 'delusion," quoth he in the Times and in his current best seller. Dawkins, of course, knows no more about whether God exists than we do. But he lacks our modesty; perhaps he was short gold from '80 to '99. Maybe he went long stocks in 2002. Or maybe he is just naturally an arrogant jackass. But the man seems to think that if God were to exist he would have to reveal himself to modern, skeptical scientists. This is the sum of Dawkins' argument - that God must exist in a way that Richard Dawkins can understand.

"God is dead," said Friedrich Nietzsche. "God never existed," says Dawkins. "God can do whatever he wants," says Bill Bonner.


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Gene said...

Ron, I believe it is intentional blindness that causes people to not see God. I think he reveals himself constantly to Scientist and layman alike. I know what Paul says about blinded unbelievers. I'm just not certain It's always God.

Working with a few skeptics I have made this suggestion: For a moment, give the idea that God may exist and that he may hear us. In your own quietness, not in a public arena, sincerely ask him this question, "God, Jesus, if you are real and not just a fiction, if you really hear me, if you actually are there please reveal yourself to me.
If you are real I don't want to be decieved or miss you. I promise to open my eyes and if you will show yourself I will see and believe."

More than one skeptic has been moved to faith by this "prayer". God responds to the eyes of our heart ready to see. He did to me.