Wednesday, July 04, 2007

City of Idols

During my week in Washington DC, I felt like I wanted to weep. It seemed to be a sad city.

I think that the reason is that Washington DC is a city of idols.
I saw the Washington idol.
I saw the Lincoln idol.
I saw the Kennedy idol
I saw the Jefferson idol.
The worst thing was that I saw busloads of children and teenagers coming to offer worship at the idols of the city, like children being offered to Molech.

On top of the Capitol is the idol of freedom. The irony is the whole purpose of congress is to limit freedom. The American people believe that they are free, but they are deluding themselves. For the last 200 years, Congress has been slowly removing their freedom. It now takes about a third of what everyone earns, so freedom has become a weak frail idol.

The purpose of democracy is to limit freedom. Demoracy forces people to do things that they do not want to do. If people are willing to do things, laws are not needed.

I was told before I went that freemasonry had a strong influence on the architecture of Washington DC. This could be correct, but it misses the point. The real idol of Washington is political power and democracy.

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Anonymous said...

I Couldnt agree more what is it about graven images? When did mankind decide that God didn,t really mean it when he commanded them not to be made. They seem like a good idea at the time but they always end up drawing away the worship and honour due to our God.Did you know? they just voted on the new list of the seven wonders of the world and one of them is a gaint image of our Christ redeemer. As if dead stone could capture his glory. pitiful!