Thursday, March 27, 2008

Justice and Torah (1)

A reader asked the following question. I enjoy questions, because they stimulate me to think more clearly.

I like your system of "voluntary justice, but I'm really surprised you think its God's will to have a system of justice still run according to the Torah. Are you serious? Leviticus? Deuteronomy?
I am not surprised that you were surprised that I am saying that Gods justice may come from the Torah (Genesis to Deuteronomy), because most Christians hate God's law.

My belief is that we cannot avoid God's law. If we assume that societies need laws to function they must come from somewhere. The only place in the scripture where God gives law is the Torah. So if we are going to get law from God, we must get it from there.

The alternative is that laws are something decided by a human parliament. The implication of this is that God does not care about what laws we have. I am not prepared to accept that God has no view on whether there is a law against murder or not. I just cannot accept that God would leave something as important as the standard of justice and law to human opinion and worldly rulers controlled by the devil.

The issue is quite simple. We need laws. If it is a choice between God’s law and human opinion, I want God’s law. God's law is in the Torah. It is not in the gospels or the prophets. There is nowhere else to go for laws, but the Torah.

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brandbuster said...

Many of the folks I spend time with Love the law. The church just isn't effective without it so when Justice and mercy are in balance that is God's peace, God's order.