Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Poltical Space (8) - Nationalism?

11. Does nationalism have a place in the Kingdom of God? During the last two centuries, the political space has been dominated by nationalism. The nation state has been the main actor in the world stage. What place will nations have in the Kingdom of God?

12. What is the link between American democracy and the Kingdom of God? Some Americans make them sound like the same thing.

13. Does a united states have a place in the Kingdom of God? Should it remain united in face of the dangers of accumulation of power? (The larger the state entity, the larger will be the minority whose views are suppressed by the majority, unless the society is completely homogeneous). The prophets and the apocalyptic writers are all hostile to political empires. Secular writers are talking about the American Empire warning of the dangers of United States hegemony. Christians tend to be silent about this issue. Many Christians see a future united Europe as the epitome of evil, but the see no problem with a united America, which equally powerful.

14. Will the United States disintegrate and disappear as the Kingdom of God expands? I cannot see any reason why not.

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