Thursday, March 06, 2008

Poltical Space (9) - Poltical Idol

Political power is the modern false god and state power is the idol of the age.

Control of political power has become the key issue of our time. Christians have bought into this and are trying to gain influence over political power. We believe it will be good for us to have political power, because we will use it for Christian purposes. We believe that political power is okay, if used for good. Is this the lie of our age? Have we been duped by the gospel of political power?

State power is the great evil of the age. As long as churches worship this idol, we will not see the salvation of God. This idol is probably the greatest obstacle to the advance of the gospel that we are so desperately seeking.

Idols cannot be Christianised. Idols must be destroy. As the Kingdom of God comes the idol of political power will have to shrink, or be smashed by God.

The full series is here.

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