Saturday, May 31, 2008

Tax Cuts

In a budget announcement last week, our government announced tax cuts for most earners. This is supposed to be good news, but I do not see it this way.

A thief stole a wooden chest containing twenty gold coins. He thinks that he is generous, because he gave back to the owner the three copper coins that were also in the box.
Taxation is theft. Tax cuts are just a sop to sucker us into forgetting the real nature of taxation.

When a people acquiesce to compulsory taxation, any group that can get elected to power, can take our income an assets with impunity.

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Jim Fedako said...


The Israelites wanted a king and God warned them about the king's tax -- 10%. In the US, the going rate of the king's tax is closer to 40%.

The reality is that what we call taxation is really theft based on envy. I regulary hear folks talk about other's ability to pay higher tax rates for the benefit of wealth transfers.

Coveting your neighbor's whatever is a sin regardless of how large the majority at the polls.