Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Genesis and Creation (17) - Apes

Here is a random thought to wind up this series.

I have a friend who is an atheist and believe that mankind evolved from the apes. Yet when I look at him, I see more evidence of the image of God than of the image of an ape. He is intelligent, articulate, logical, honest and loyal. He loves his family and provides for them. He has a strong sense of right and wrong. I see him as proof that mankind was created in the image of God.

As I watched a clip of a gorilla on television last night, it occurred to me that it looked like it was created in the image of man. That got me thinking. When I looked at Genesis 1, I discovered something that I had not seen before. There is no record of God creating the great apes. On the fifth day, God created the sea creatures and every living thing in the seas and rivers. He also created the birds that fly in the sky. On the sixth day, he created the living creatures on the earth. He created the quadrupeds (four legged animals) and the creeping things. Apes that move on two legs are not mentioned.

I have noted that the world massively effected by the fall. Satan used the opportunity to create many evil species like wasps and house flies. Actually he does not have the power to create species, he can only modify specifies that God has created.

I wonder if the great apes were part of his misguided handiwork. Maybe he took genetic material from humans and put into some other animals to develop a breed of humans that would be totally loyal to him. His efforts failed, and he ended up with species vastly inferior to humans, although they appear to be “created” in the image and likeness of man. That could be why their genetic make up is very similar. Maybe Satan left these species on earth to strengthen his theory of evolution that would emerge many years later.

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