Monday, October 05, 2009


I do not put a label on my calling. I notice that soon As soon as something has a name, people think that it must be done the way that they like that calling to operate. For example, if someone takes the label evangelist, people assume that they should be a clone of Billy Graham. That can sometimes make it hard for them to become the person that God wants them to be.

God is immensely creative. Just as there are numerous species of trees, and no two trees of the same species are exactly identical, there are amazingly diverse giftings in God's kingdom, and no two callings are exactly the same. . We have only discovered a few aspects of this diversity so far. There are many ways of operating that we have not even dreamed about yet.

I am not interested in being put in other people's boxes. I am only interested in being in God's box.

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