Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Not Perfect but Sufficient

Judges and law are the best form of government, but this method of justice will not achieve perfect justice in every situation. Law and judges cannot eliminate all problems and cannot prevent violent or evil men from doing harm. But Christians can still survive, if this happens.

Judges and law deal with minor injustice. If evil becomes widespread, their effectiveness will decline. Ruthless people may seize control and try to achieve order, but they will fail, because coercion and control always amplify evil. In these situations the Holy Spirit is the only solution. He can change the hearts of evil men. He can turn widespread evil into love for God.

We must not use force to bring in the kingdom. If evil men choose to use force, we might have to surrender to them for a time, rather than stooping to their level.

We trust in the Holy Spirit to deal with evil. He can tame the hardest heart.

The gospel is effective.

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