Sunday, October 25, 2009

Publishing Dreams and Visions

When publishing a dream and a vision, it is important to separate the dream or vision from the interpretation. If the Lord gave some interpretation during the dream, then that should be spelt out clearly too.

The person who had the dream or vision knows what they saw, so there cannot be any debate about the content. They should know what they saw.

However, there can be debate about whether the dream came from God, or the forces of evil, or was just the working of the dreamers mind. Dreams and vision should be tested by the body of Christ to establish that they have come from God.

Unless the Holy Spirit gives a specific interpretation and application during the dream or vision, the interpretation of a dream or vision can be open to debate. Sometimes the person who receives the dream or vision may not be the best person to provide interpretation. Joseph and Daniel were prophetic people who were skilled in interpreting the dreams of other people.

I see many dreams and visions on prophetic websites, where the person has received a valid revelation, but seems to have got the interpretation wrong. In these situations, someone else in the body of the Christ may have the interpretation. If the interpretation is mixed up with published account of the dream, it becomes difficult to suggest an alternative interpretation, without questioning the inspiration of what has been published.

I believe that the best practice is to record accurately the dream and vision as received, and then give the interpretation separately. This was Daniels approach in Daniel 7 and 8. In the first part of the chapter he describes what he saw. He then gives the interpretation that was given to him by the angel. Not only did he keep the description and the interpretation separate, he did not give his own interpretation or application at all.

The book of Revelation is similar. John recorded all that he saw very carefully and precisely. He rarely gives any interpretation (except for stars are angels, lamp stands are churches, waters are people, heads are kings, hills are kings). I presume that the Holy Spirit did not give John the interpretation, so he did not give it.

Most Christians who have a dream or vision to share seem to feel bound to give the interpretation and application at the same time. Moreover, the content and the interpretation are often mixed up together. For example, when reading John Paul Jackson’s Perfect Storm, it is quite difficult to discern what he actually saw and what is his interpretation and application (I am not questioning the validity of what he saw?).

Mixing up the dream and the interpretation makes it hard to assess the source of the dream. It also makes it hard to assess the interpretation. Likewise if the dream or vision is not described clearly without interpretation, it is very difficult for a person who is gifted in interpreting dreams and visions to give an alternative vision, because they do not have all the material that they need.

To progress in the prophetic, the body of Christ must be come better at distinguishing between vision and interpretation. Similarly, we must get much better at separating what the Lord said from what we think it means.


Gene said...

I agree...I don't do dream interpretation, although I often understand more than I say

Anonymous said...

i had a dream and have been studing the right hand of Jesus, my deceased mother was sitting there and i saw her and turn and saw this really strong arm and hand and i knew it was the arm and hand of jeus, i was so amazed with it i coulnt' even say it aloud to my mother, i remember only saying, every women wishes they could see a arm this strong,but i haven't been able to even tell my husband of 35 yrs. it is like i feel blessed but am afraid to say it aloud. what do you think?

Ron McK said...

Were you studying the right hand of Jesus before dreaming, or within the dream?

Anonymous said...

after the dream , a couple of days after the dream.

Ron McK said...

Sounds like Jesus is reminding you that he is able to take care of you.

Anonymous said...

thank you, i do believe your interpretation is correct. i have been a christian for many yrs. but after working in healthcare for 20 yrs. i fell last yr. and had to have surgury. it has been a hard yr. i really do think what you said is true, and it helps me to remember that Jesus is and always has been my best friend, father ,and confidant. I am glad i found this site.