Saturday, April 17, 2010

Poltics and Law

Interesting thoughts from Allan Brevere.

When Christians start discussing political issues, what we do (and I am referring to both the right and left) is we assume that the primary political, and therefore, moral arena for Christian is the state. So we read the Bible’s admonitions to care for the poor, etc. and we understand it as first and foremost a recipe for government action. The left does it with the poor, the right does it with abortion.

What usually happens in these kinds of disucussion is that we resort to arguing over the law. What should we “require” or “coerce” (the language is dependent on one’s views) from the stand point of government mandate. We seem to thing that the best ways of dealing with poverty, abortion, etc is legislation. We become libertarian only when the issue up for discussion is not important to us.

I find it rather interesting that Christians who believe that one kind of law was ultimately inadequate for our salvation are so quick to turn to another kind of law to get the kind of justice that we thing we and others deserve.
Most issues are not political.

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