Saturday, April 24, 2010

The United Nations

I have also been surprised by the number of Christians who assume that war is justified, if it is authorised by the United Nations. This human organisation does not have the moral authority to decide between good an evil or to approve a war. It has sometimes provided a forum for nations to talk and resolve their differences. It has sometime provided peace keeping forces that have helped control volatile situations, but is has rarely been able to resolve the underlying (often spiritual) differences between nations.

The United Nations is very limited in what it can achieve. It has no spiritual authority, so it cannot overcome evil. The United Nations is just a committee of political leaders, some good and many evil. The decisions of it various meetings are limited to the wisdom of men. They have always been a mixture; some good, but mostly bad. Therefore, the United Nations does not have the moral authority to decide that a war is justified. Assigning authority to decide between good and evil to a human organisation is a dangerous mistake.

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