Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Revival requires Relationships

Many Christians believe that revival will come as the Holy Spirit moves in power in the body of Christ. We do need the Spirit, but this is not Ezekiel’s message. He warned that the Spirit cannot come in power until the body of Christ is joined together in strong relationships.

Ezekiel’s message is challenging and requires radical change. We will not experience the revival we long for until the body is joined together according to God’s plan (Eph 4:16). “Going to church” will not produce a revival. We cannot expect revival until we develop real fellowship based on strong relationships with other Christians.

This is a disturbing truth. If we are unwilling to be joined together in strong relationships, God’s ability to send revival is severely limited. He can pour out his Spirit, but he cannot force people to connect with each other. We have to decide to make that happen ourselves. We have to choose to be the body of Christ, by committing to strong relationships with other Christians.

Revival requires strong relationships,
not going to church.
The first step to building strong relationships is to do to other Christians the things that the New Testament requires. Doing the One Another Stuff should bring a radical change in the way we relate to other members of our Church.

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