Thursday, September 23, 2010

Power Shift (3) - Economy

The financial crisis was not that bad in New Zealand (People are still walking their dogs).

The reason the economy did not get as bad as people expected is that God held back the economic tide. He had planned to shake the nation into revival and blessing, but his people were not prepared. Most were so entwined with the world that any serious shaking would have swept them away, so God held the crisis back.

This turning back of evil has lulled us into a false sense of security, but our complacency is based on a misunderstanding.

We did not come through the financial crisis unscathed,
because we are strong.
God withheld the shaking back
because we are weak.
That may not happen again. In recent years, a power shift has taken place in New Zealand, as we have given greater authority to the forces of evil. We have unwittingly handed control of our culture, our society and our economy to the forces of evil. Our nation has gone so far down the wrong road that they now have a much freer hand.
By casting off restraint,
we have left evil unrestrained
and constrained the Holy Spirit
in his authority to protect us.
The forces of evil are now flexing their muscles. They watched the world financial crisis and are thinking, “We can do better than that”. They are planning a strike against New Zealand that will devastate our economy and plunge us into a crisis that cannot be constrained by the hand of God.

The timing is uncertain, because the enemy is not as powerful as we think. He is struggling to get his capability together, but he will eventually succeed. The devil’s depression will be deeper and darker than anything that this generation has seen.

God has been voted out of New Zealand and no longer has the same authority to work evil for good. His ability to hold back evil is severely constrained, so he will not be able to shape the next economic crisis for his purposes.

Preparation is urgent. There is no time for mucking around, trying to get things perfect. Getting prepared is more important than getting things right.

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