Saturday, September 25, 2010

Power Shift (5) - United States

The events of 9/11 were a sign that the spiritual power balance is shifting in the United States. For most of the nation’s history, there was a large Christian population praying in faith to allow the Holy Spirit and the angels to prevail against the forces of evil, despite the shonky things done by the founding fathers and their political successors. The result was blessing, prosperity and peace for everyone in the land.

That faith is now declining rapidly, so the principalities and powers now have enough authority to attack the heart of America (New York, Oklahoma, New Orleans). Given this shift in spiritual authority, the department of homeland security, war in Iraq, war in Afghanistan, war on terror and sanctions against Iran are pointless. As long as Americans are giving more and more authority to the spiritual forces of wickedness, evil will increase and security will decline in America.

The only sound defence is prayer and faith in God’s purposes giving authority to the Holy Spirit and the holy angels to do restrain the opposition in the spiritual realms.

Lack of faith gives the forces of evil authority to act on earth? Unfortunately, many Christians are giving him a hand too. Whenever Christians proclaim doom and gloom, without the leading of the Holy Spirit, they unwittingly give the devil authority to bring it to pass.

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