Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Power Shift (2) - New Zealand

For the past 140 years, there have been enough Christians in New Zealand praying and declaring God’s purposes to give the light side sufficient authority to come out on top. The result has been a time of enormous blessing, despite some fairly terrible stuff that was done at times by political leaders.

Now, over the last two decades, the balance has shifted. More and more people have rejected Jesus, or just forgotten him. It is not that people are hostile, but more that they have lost interest, because being a Christian no longer seems like a very attractive option. As people have been filled with fear (the opposite of faith) and spoken out negative words about other people, themselves and the future, the balance of power in the spiritual world has begun to move back toward the dark side. Evil has to begun to flex its muscles in this nation.

As the number of people serving Jesus has declined, their faith has weakened and many have begun to declare negative things, rather than the purposes of God. This has withdrawn authority from the Holy Spirit and the angels and constrained their ability to act on the earth.

This struggle is currently evenly poised. The forces of evil have sufficient authority to release an earth quake in Christchurch, but they did not have sufficient authority to take human lives. No one was killed by the quake because the holy angels still had sufficient authority to protect lives, even if they could not protect property.

The earthquake is a warning. There has been a huge power shift in the spiritual realms, authorised from by the people of New Zealand. Unless the number of Christians increases, or their faith increases dramatically so God’s purposes are declared with boldness, the Holy Spirit and the angels will not have sufficient authority to turns back the time of evil that is emerging in our land.

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