Thursday, October 21, 2010

Faith Amplifies Authority

As the number of Christians in a city or nation declines, they will have to ensure that God has the authority to accomplish his purposes. Faith is the key.

Faith amplifies authority. Christians can make up for our small numbers by hearing and declaring God’s word in faith. When we pray in faith according to God’s will, we give the Holy Spirit and the holy angels authority to act on earth. Prayer in faith and declaration of God’s purposes gives him 
freedom to restrain the opposition in the spiritual realms. 

Lack of faith shifts authority to the forces of evil. Unfortunately, many Christians are giving him a hand too. Whenever Christians proclaim doom and gloom, without the leading of the Holy Spirit, they unwittingly give the devil authority to bring it to pass. Speaking doom and gloom, when God has not spoken, shifts authority to the powers of evil.

The rulers and powers in a city or nation will often have much greater authority than the Christian minority, because so much authority has been given to them. But they do not have faith. They only believe in themselves, so their authority is not amplified by faith, either for good or evil. That gives people of faith a huge advantage.

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