Thursday, October 07, 2010

Control of the State

Both the religious right and the religious left are seeking control over the power of the state to implement their agendas for the world. This strategy is clearly wrong, but it leads to an important question. What should be the attitude of Christians to the power of the state.

There seem to be two other options. The first is to leave the power of the state to the people of the world, and indirectly to the evil one. This does not seem very satisfactory in light of the Lordship of Christ.

The second option is to reject the power of the state totally by declaring it to be immoral. That seem to be a more satisfactory option to me. However, Christians will need to demonstrate that an orderly society can function with the coercion of political power. We have not done that yet, but it is a key part of our calling. I have described how this could happen in Voluntary Justice.

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