Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Healing Evangelism

Acts 3 describes an overwhelming incident. I do not have the courage to follow Peter and John’s example and command a paraplegic sitting in a public place to stand up and walk.

For Peter and John, it was not such a big deal. They had been doing this stuff with Jesus for a couple of years.

I have said many times that healing evangelism must be restored, if the church is to make an impact on the modern world. However, what Peter and John did cannot be learned from a book, or from listing to sermons. It is just too hard to get started. This ministry can only be learned by going out with someone who is already doing it, When it almost seem normal, the new evangelist will have the faith to have a go on their own.

We need some of the people who are now confident in the healing ministry to get into pairs and go out into the shopping malls and sports stadium and start doing what John and Peter did in Acts 3. Once they are confident, they could start taking other to multiply their ministry. This is what Jesus did. He started initially healed the sick himself. He then trained the twelve and the seventy to do the same. After Pentecost, they taught others to heal the sick and proclaim the gospel to the crowd that gathered. Passing on this faith was a true apostolic succession that was broken more than a thousand years ago.

We urgently to get the healing ministry out of the church, where it provides entertainment and solace for Christians, into the malls and stadiums where it belongs.

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