Sunday, April 17, 2011

Church Meetings (1) Waste of Time

Most church meetings are a waste of time and effort, whether the church is large megachurch or a small house church Most of the reasons given to justify these meetings are invalid.

  1. Worship. Most Christians think that worship is something we do on Sunday. This is not true. All our lives should be an act of worship. Worship in a large group is an encouraging bonus, but it is not essential.

  2. Teaching. There is nothing in the scriptures to suggest that Christians need to listen to an hour of good teaching each week for the rest of their lives. A new Christian who is serious about following Jesus can be taught the basics of the Christian faith in a few weeks. From there on, they can learn what they need to know by listening to voice of the Holy Spirit. The main purpose of the weekly teaching format is to give the teacher a place to perform.

    If a Christian is stumped by an issue, they can search the scriptures, or look look up the answer on the internet. Most modern Christians have had so much teaching that they are choking on it. What they need is a bit more doing, but they will not learn that at a meeting.

  3. Oversight. Most Christians know how to put on a holy mask while they are at a church meeting (I have done it for so many years, I can do it without thinking). The elders responsible for providing oversight generally do not have a clue about what is going on in their day-to-day lives. To offer credible oversight, an elder needs to see how a Christian functions in their family or at work. The best way to get insight into a person’s spiritual state is to share with them in some service in the world.

  4. Training. Attendance at meetings trains Christians to be passive. The best training comes in the way Jesus trained his disciples. Take a few people with you into the world to do the Jesus stuff, so they can see how it is done. When they have watched for a while, get them to have a go, dealing with an easy case, with the leader ready to come in and help if things turn to custard. When they are competent, get them to start training others. That will really sharpen their ministry.

  5. Gifts of the Spirit. Some people may only get help, when several people move in complementary gifts of the Spirit to get to the bottom of a problem that is holding them back. That could happen at the front of a meeting, but it will usually be less effective, because one superstar will be performing. Good stuff is more likely to happen and be more effective, if a group of Christians friends gather in a friend’s living room. The Holy Spirit can really get to work when he has a group of people who love one another to flow through

  6. Learning the Gifts. The front of a meeting is not a good place to learn to operate in the gifts of the Spirit. A better is a place to learn is a friend’s home with a few people that are trusted. Once the Christians has learned to move in the gifts, the next step is not to the front of a church meeting, but to go into the world with some friends.


Anonymous said...

Amen. Beautiful.

Eli said...

definitely resonates with me. we get tired, frustrated etc when so much of our energy when coming together is focused on these things to exclusion of other more important things.

Gene said...

Really good. You are on a roll here

David said...

Love it! Of course I enjoyed your book as well. David

* said...

Agree 100%

charlotte said...

Hello again Ron, hope you are all ok after the latest aftershock... still reading your recent outpourings, all fantastic and as promised will be writing more to you about them but in meantime in view of this post,

I watched a doco last night on BBC about throughout which I thought of you and the housechurch vision. Im not sure if you can watch the full version online anywhere from a non uk computer but there is a clips version Ive just found on YouTube which gives a flavour...

love to you and Lindsay
Charlotte x

Ron McK said...

Hi Charlotte
We were away in Waikanae for the weekend, so missed the big shock. Our children say it was a nasty one, so we are glad we missed it. A few things fell down, but no damage.

I will watch the video with interest.