Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Church Meetings (3) - Doing Jesus Stuff

I attended a seminary for three years. We attended a meeting to listen to lectures every day. All I learned was how to preach to a meeting. I did not learn to do the Jesus stuff.

I also learned how to run meetings. After many years in the church, I am good at it. I can run a meeting with one eye closed and both hands tied behind my back, but I am hopeless at doing the stuff that Jesus did in the gospels. Church meetings are full of people like me; who are ineffective and powerless.

We need to break that cycle spiritual poverty before the next generation emerges. It will not happen in meetings. It will only happen when new Christians start following someone who is following Jesus.

Jesus called the twelve people to follow him. They followed him round and learned to do what he was doing. Once they were able to do what he was doing, with him standing watching to pick up the pieces if things went wrong, he sent them out on their own to do it. When they came through on their own, he sent others with them to learn by following.

When a church has a meeting, it is like a car with the engine running,
but the automatic transmission stuck on N.
It sounds impressive, but the car will not go anywhere.

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Steve Scott said...

A radical cam, six bbl carburetor and a V8 make lots of noise.