Friday, April 15, 2011

Church Strategy (3) - Shrinking Influence

The numbers within our cultural orbit are getting older and less like to change. Their numbers are shrinking rapidly. Young people are leaking across the boundaries in a huge flood.

If they get their model wrong, house churches can be limited to rescuing people that are falling out of the church.
Many of the people who join house churches are in danger of falling out of the church, because they are hurt. They were Serious Christians once, but bad experiences have deadened their passion. They are slipping out into Christian Memory. House Churches are a powerful tool for rescuing these people, but it is hard work. Many have been burned by over-zealous authority, so they are hard to get close to. Most carry unfinished baggage, so few will become world changers.

Many Christians are seeking a revival. Traditional revivals occurred among people with a Christian Memory. They were stirred by passionate preaching and revival meetings. Even if revival occurred in New Zealand, it would hardly be noticed, because it would only touch the lives of people within the shrinking twenty percent who have a Christian Memory. The rest of society would not be touched. Revival is a false hope for New Zealand and most countries in the West. Something more radical will have to happen.


Gene said...

Something more radical will have to happen.

I think I know what it is...but it's not pretty

Ron McK said...

I am not sure if “not pretty” will do it. We have just had severe shaking here in Christchurch and it is “not pretty”. More buildings came down after another shake at the weekend. People are shaken, but nothing much has changed. They were open for a while, but they have gone back into their holes. There are probably more new alcoholics than new Christians.

I do not have any faith in the ability of troubles and disasters to transform lives. (It may be different in the USA where the Christian Memory is stronger.) People will only truly be transformed if the Holy Spirit is carried into their midst by bands of believers.

charlotte said...

I agree wholeheartedly Ron, wish I could articulate all this stuff as well as you can! Its brilliant and stirring!

Ron McK said...

Thanks Charlotte