Tuesday, November 08, 2011

Israel (14) - Militaristic Christianity

The Israel defence forces are incredibly powerful. Israel is a major exporter of weapons to the world. This is quite different from Samuel’s time (1 Sam 13:19-22). Christians who endorse Israeli militaristic activity are doing the Jewish people a disservice, as confidence in military power will lead to disaster in the future. Military force cannot keep the people of Israel safe. The Christians who prophesy that God is on Israel’s side will have difficulty explaining to do when things go seriously wrong for the Israeli state.

Christians should pray for the Jewish people and look for opportunities to bless them, but blessing is not the same as endorsing the militaristic activities of the Israeli government. True blessing can only come to Israel through fulfilling their covenant.

The odd thing is that many Christians seem to have more faith in the ability of the Israeli army to accomplish God’s purposes for Israel, than they have in the Holy Spirit working through the Church. They assume that the safety of the Jewish people depends on the military power and the Israeli state.

This widespread confusion comes from a distorted understanding of the Kingdom of God. Jesus taught that his kingdom would be established by the Holy Spirit, moving in the church, preaching the gospel and teaching the nations to obey him.

In the last two centuries, this belief has been overshadowed by a different gospel. Most Christians no longer believe that the Kingdom of God will be established by the Holy Spirit working through the church. Their only hope is Jesus return. They believe that Jesus will return and force all the nations to obey him while ruling a powerful empire from Jerusalem. Supporting a militaristic Israel is natural for Christians who want Jesus to establish his kingdom using force.

This popular view is an awful distortion of Jesus character. The cross is proof that God will never force people to obey him. Jesus has full confidence in the Holy Spirit.

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Unknown said...

I agree. I like to use the movie 'Pruide and predudice'. as an example. There are two possible bride presented for the rich noble to marry. One is poor but has a stimulating personality and a vigorous constatution. While to other is rich but is quiet uninteresting and possibly not in the best health. I ask why would Jesus want to come back for a bride that no one would want to marry?