Saturday, November 12, 2011

Israel (18) - Holy Land

Another strange belief that has emerged in recent years is the doctrine that prayers prayed in Jerusalem are more effective than other prayers. The doctrine is based on the idea that Jerusalem is built on land that it is holy. In the Old Testament, the activity of the Holy Spirit was sporadic, so God used special places and special people. The Cross and Pentecost made the concept of a holy land redundant.

  • God no longer has special people. The Holy Spirit has been poured out on all flesh. Everyone who is called by his name can hear him speak.

  • Every Christian is a temple of the Holy Spirit, so he does not need a temple or special city as his dwelling place. The Holy Spirit is omnipresent, so we do not need to go to a special place to meet with him.

  • Jesus sacrifice on the cross was perfect and complete. God does not want sacrifices re-instituted in Jerusalem, whether exemplary or memorial.

  • We are kingdom of priests, so God does not need to re-establish a Levitic or Aaronic priesthood in Jerusalem. Jesus is the perfect high priest who has finished the job that they could not do.

  • The Holy Spirit is present wherever two or three followers gather in unity.

  • Jesus does not have to come back to Jerusalem to rule the world, as he is already reigning as King of Kings. If people would obey the voice of the Spirit, his rule can be complete now. Jesus appears at the end of time when the spiritual world is opened wide to the people on earth. Those who believe that he must return Jerusalem to reign do not understand the glory of his appearance.

The land of Israel is no more holy than any other piece of ground. Jerusalem is just another place where people can live and serve God.

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