Friday, November 25, 2011

Bomb Iran

Americans are getting all stirred up about Iran again. A candidate for the republican presidential nomination would not be taken seriously, if he does not promise to bomb Iran within two weeks of his inauguration, even if he cannot find Iran on a map of the world. Obama is being as hawkish as Novel peace prize winner can be without looking hypocritical. Many Christians are getting excited because they believe that bombing Iran would bring the rapture closer.

What those who are beating the war drums do not realise is that God has raised up Iran for a purpose. The Islamic revolution in Iran was an important marker on the prophetic timetable (Rev 6:1-2). This was confirmed by when an American invasion of Iran called Eagles Claw turned into a disaster in 1980.

The immediate role of Iran is to provoke the emergence of the Beast that will dominate the world. Those who belong to the Beast are already exposed themselves to people with their eyes open.

The ultimate role of Iran is to act as a foil for Beast that is currently emerging. When it has completed its shenanigans, God will bring Iran and some other nations against it, to engineer its destruction.

It seems like American politicians understand, without knowing, and instinctively want to bring Iran down now, so God cannot accomplish his purposes in the future.


Isca said...

This is an interesting post, especially in the light of this news article about Iran trashing the British Embassy in Tehran

Well done Ron!

Ron McK said...

The British people have short memories. Britain invaded Iran during the first world war. Britain invaded Iran in 1942 to secure control of the oil, although Iran was neutral. In 1956, the British MI6 helped organise the overthrow of a democratically president, and replaced him with the Shah of Iran, who became a cruel dictator. The people of Iran have not forgotten the Brit6ish gifts.