Monday, January 07, 2013


I do not have much truck with conspiracy theories and the one-world government industry (Is 8:12). This stuff has been circulating for years, but it has achieved nothing for the gospel and contributed nothing to the advance of the kingdom of God. It is the wisdom of man, taught by men who have done very little for the gospel and the Kingdom, and have been wrong in their predictions again and again.

This stuff appeals to prophets when they are hiding their caves and feeling sorry for themselves. It makes them feel spiritual and prophetic, but it actually clutters their minds with stuff that prevents them from hearing God speak clearly. God has to get them out of this cave of worldly clamour, so they can hear the still small voice of the Spirit.

The world system is dominated by power, and power always manifests itself. What is happening in the world can be understood by observing power at work.

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