Wednesday, January 09, 2013

Spiritual Shift (1)

According to an article by Mario Liu on Storm Harvest, Robert Holmes has prophesied that Obama Barack is Alexander the Great for America. Robert is an Australia with a strong prophetic anointing. His word is good, but I am concerned about Mario’s interpretation, because he begins with an assumption that he the American Empire is coming to an end. This leads him to assume that Obama is the president who will destroy the American empire.

I do not agree with this assumption. The Unites States has hit a bit of speed bump, but announcements of the death of this empire are premature. The reality is that the United States is the strongest nation that has ever existed, and it will continue to be the most powerful for many more decades.

  • The United States has been able to fight to wars on the other side of the world at the same.

  • It has been able to fight a twelve-year war through a major depression without any restraint.

  • Military spending by the US is five times greater than that of China, it closes competitor. US military spending is greater than the ten next largest combined.

  • The United States is leads the world in research and development of new military technology.

  • Unmanned drones have given the United States the ability to project power and destroy political leaders all over the world.

The American Empire is just getting started, so an assumption that its demise is close is unwise. To interpret the word that Robert Holmes received, we must understand the workings of principalities and powers.

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