Friday, January 11, 2013

Spiritual Shift (3) War

A war between two nations is also a spiritual war between two principalities and their followers. The outcome of the war will often be determined by which of the principalities has the strongest powers supporting it. The principalities mostly use deceit to achieve their goals, by blinding military leaders to opportunities and deceiving them into actions that will fail.

Anyone who participates in a physical war is also participating in a spiritual struggle, whether they recognise it or not. The outcome of the war will be influenced by the strength of the spiritual forces engaged on each side. Spiritual powers like to be on the winning side, so groups of them will often switch allegiance to join the winner. When the nation or empire that a principality controls is defeated, it may shift to the winning nation and attempt to gain a place of control in the winning empire.

The trauma and chaos of war provides great opportunities for evil spirits to shift from one person to another. The intense fear that pervade before and after battle leave soldiers open to spiritual attack. Anger in the battle also leaves them vulnerable. Soldiers rarely think about spiritual protection, because their officers are stirring them up with anger and hatred.

The spiritual side of war make it an extremely dangerous activity. The nation winning a war celebrates as if it has achieved something great. The hidden truth is that an army that successfully invades an evil nation and defeats it carries a great host of evil spirits and their controlling principalities and powers back to their homeland. The people who win the physical war usually lose the spiritual war. Principalities and powers often shift from one area to another by moving with the winning armies.

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