Sunday, October 04, 2015

Body Strength

A season of shaking is coming,
when many of the foundations that we trust
will be swept away.

God is calling together small groups of people
who can support each other through this storm
who can stand together in Jesus
while everything around them is shaken.

The will be sold out for Jesus.
doing Jesus will,
by obeying voice of the Holy Spirit.
They will lay aside the things of the world,
that would encumber them
and will live simply on what God provides.
They will share everything with each other,
and with those around them.

These groups of people will be drawn together by love for Jesus,
and bound together by commitment to love each other.
They will be mighty warriors in prayer,
able to go out together in the power of the Spirit.
They will be experienced with gifts of the Holy Spirit
and ready to deal with any situation.

These groups will be prepared for distress,
and equipped for victory.

1 comment:

August said...

It would be nice to see this happen in my own life.
I don't know how it can.
Most of these people are Churchians, not Christian.
It is so bad that it seems like I have to be more on guard around idiots who claim the name of Jesus than I do the average tattooed up chump. Usually the tattooes are just aspirational, and the guy is a wanna be thug, not a real one. But the supposed Christian will lull you with all sorts of 'love' talk and then betray you.