Friday, October 02, 2015

Locked in Criticism

A big group of Christians (some still in and many who have left) feed off criticism the institutional church, but are not willing to do anything different for the Lord. I was not interested in feeding that group.

I agree that the instituitional church has massive problems, but I am not so quick to pass judgment on the people still in it. Many love Jesus, so I do not know what the Lord will do with them. I would not advocate that they all leave now. The institutional church is not a safe place to be, but being alone in the world is not safe either. Some are probably safer where they are, while there is nothing viable outside for them join, and no successful model for them to adopt. Standing alone in the world is hard, and not every follower of Jesus is called to do that.

When it is all shaken down, we will be surprised at who is left standing on the rock. Many who are currently in the institutional church will survive. Many who have left the institutional church, but got so locked in criticism that they failed to build something new will not survive. I do not try to decide in advance who will be where.

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Anonymous said...

My family, which got caught up in the house church movement in the '70s, illustrates everything you've said in this post.