Saturday, October 10, 2015

Spirit Control

The debate about gun control has heated up in the United States again following another terrible school massacre. The intensity of the debate is not surprising, as according to one report, there have been 132 school shootings since 2013.

Although the debate is heated, it mostly misses the point. The problem is not guns, and it is not people. The problem is the violent evil spirits that have easy access to young people across the nation. People who are worried about gun violence should be asking why evil spirits of violence have such a strong hold on the nation.

Academics are studying these events looking for a common cause, but they will miss the most important one. I guarantee that one thing is present in each of these events: an evil spirit. I presume that in every case it is a spirit of violence.

The solution is not gun control, but evil spirit control.

When television and movies fill the living rooms of the nation with violence and war, and political leaders exult in military force and war as the solution to most problems, it is not surprising that the same violent spirit manifests in the nation’s youth.

It is strange that a nation with such a strong Christian influence does not understand how to deal with this powerful principality and power. The problem is that the spirit of violence permeates American life: from the federal government, to international relations, through culture and entertainment, and onto life on the street. It has been there a long time, but it is now more entrenched. Unfortunately, the American people are so familiar with this spirit that they do not notice it, except when it breaks out into a school or shopping mall.

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Anonymous said...

Yes, this has been an exceptionally violent country for its entire history. Generally Americans are fond of noise, haste, and force. In the last half-century, this has been exacerbated to a grotesque degree by the breakdown of Godly authority. Authority figures in the US generally go along with some majority or other, succumbing in the process to whatever spirit rules that group. American authorities--parents, pastors, teachers, politicians--follow rather than lead, which allows rampant movement to evil spirits submitted to nobody and nothing.