Monday, February 29, 2016

Why Abraham?

Why did God choose Abraham. Was there something special about him. He was not more virtuous than other people. he was a sinner, when God made his covenant promise in Genesis 12:2. God declared him righteous, when he believed the promise of the covenant, even though he was old with no family (Gen 15:6).

There were three reasons why God may have chosen him.
  1. He was not part of the power establishment at Ur, and he did not join with the Canaanites, so he was free from the domination of the spiritual powers of evil.
  2. He was old with no children, so there was no one to distract him from following God’s call.
  3. He had failed to become a father, so he was desperate for a miracle.
Maybe God called many others, but Abraham was the first to respond and go. We don't know.

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