Friday, August 12, 2016

Deficient Candidates

In a post last week, I wondered about the meaning of the US ending up with two such deficient presidential candidates. Something has to be seriously wrong. One possibility is that the nation has place itself under a curse.

If a nation that believes in military force and political power comes under a curse, where does it lead? Probably to more of what it trusts.

Real prophets should be preparing the people for what lies ahead.


August said...

The last legitimate candidate was Ron Paul. Legitimate in the sense that he was actually going to act according the Constitution. Candidates say they like the Constitution, but they usually have issues where there their stated policy violates it.

But they didn't like Ron Paul, and the Republicans- especially Mitt Romney- did a bunch of rule changes and dirty tricks to keep pro-Ron Paul people out of that particular convention. So they lost the grass roots, and were focused entirely on keeping the rabble out. They didn't think about a billionaire who could easily over come the obstacles that they had put up for the people.

These elections have been orchestrated for quite some time. In fact, this is one of the reasons you think Trump is deficient. The media and the elites of both parties and in full hysteria mode because they have it good, and they know if he gets in they might just have to face justice for their crimes.

He will face a tough battle. I think Jesse Ventura's stint as governor of Minnesota is indicative- the two parties stonewalled him, and made the state suffer. He couldn't get anything done, and the media made him out to be incompetent. Trump is a builder. He has been successful with various real estate projects. No, it is not exactly the same thing, but it is objectively better than the imperialist agenda we've had for the last few decades.

I don't know if you've noticed, but the same policies- especially foreign policies- were in effect from Bush (the dad), Clinton, that other Bush, and Obama. Hilary will continue it. The people don't want it. We don't believe in these stupid wars.

Luke Swasbrook said...

Hey Ron, could you elaborate on when you say "Real prophets should be preparing the people for what lies ahead."?


Ron McK said...

I have written a book called Being Church Where We Live., which explains how to prepare.
I have also written a couple of useful articles.
Preparing for Economic Crisis.
Preparing for Social Collapse.

Ron McK said...

From the Introduction of Being Church.
We are living at a pivotal time in history. While things are going badly for the church, the situation is even worse in the world. You don’t have to be a prophet to see the dark clouds on the horizon. The kingdom of man has over-reached itself and is rotting from the inside.

Christians should not be pessimistic about the future. God is in control and is working out his purpose. He is refining his church into a holy and beautiful bride. He is shaking the nations, so his people can establish the Kingdom. We can share in that victory, if we understand his plans and get ready for battle.

The shaking of world system will be a great opportunity for the church. In times of crisis, power flows to those who understand what is happening and are ready for action. Joseph understood what God was doing, so he was able to use the seven good years to prepare for the seven bad years. He rose to power during a crisis, because he understood what was happening and knew what had to be done.

The times are urgent. We should be using our time to prepare for the political, economic and social upheaval that is coming. We should be joining together to advance God’s Kingdom when the kingdoms of the world collapse and fall. Radical change is needed, so we can shine brightly in the darkness and share in the victory that God has planned.