Monday, August 01, 2016

Wrong War

Commenting on the death of a priest at the hands of ISIS terrorists, the Pope said,

This is war. There was the war of 1914, with its methods; then that of 1939-45, another great war in the world; and now there is this one. It is not perhaps so organic; organized, yes, but organic… I say… But it is war.
He is wrong. This is not a war. It is a sign of a lost spiritual battle.

There is only one war that counts, and that is the spiritual battle taking place in the spiritual realms (Eph 6:12).

The spiritual war for the Middle East was lost many centuries ago. The Western powers have engaged in numerous costly and physical wars in the Middle East during the the past century, but they have just strengthened the defeat in the spiritual realms.

The spiritual forces that reign in the Middle East are now attacking Europe. That battle is already lost in the spiritual realms. Recent events in France are a sign of that defeat, not the beginning of a new war. Fighting against this spiritual attack with military force will strengthen the hand of the spiritual powers of evil.

The same spiritual forces are attacking the United States. That battle is close to being lost, too. Those with their eyes open are already seeing the signs of defeat.

Instead of looking to political and military solutions that will inevitably fail, God’s people should wake up and engage the spiritual war that Jesus has already won for them.

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Anonymous said...

Agreed. And American evangelicals, with all their wealth and power, have never provided significant support for Middle Eastern Christianity. Most are only dimly aware that it exists, especially in the Holy Land. I've lived there and seen missionaries who arrived without having a clue who was there and what was going on. The people who are truly on God's side, suffering and doing their best in a difficult region, have received scant support--and even hostility--from those who are fat and comfortable. Now the fight has come to the comfortable countries, which have learned nothing from their brothers and sisters who have fought the good fight for centuries.