Wednesday, February 28, 2018

By His Stripes (3)

Jesus carried our undeserved sicknesses and absorbs their pain for us when we are attacked by the spiritual powers of evil.

Jesus was beaten by the temple guards and groups of Roman soldiers. He did not deserve to be beaten, but his pain was real. This pain takes the place of our real, but underserved sickness.

Jesus was God become man, so the underserved beating he received has infinite value, sufficient to cancel all the undeserved sickness and pain that the spiritual powers of evil can try to inflict on his followers.

If we are united with Jesus, then the attacks of sickness and disease are shifted from us to him. He takes that sickness and pain and bears it on our behalf. The pain and discomfort that the spiritual powers of evil wanted to inflict on us is shifted to him. Everything they throw at us should fail because Jesus has already experienced it. We shouldn’t feel the pain, because Jesus already bore that pain, when he was beaten without cause. They should not be able to inflict anything on us, because it immediately shifts to him and is nullified.

Faith in him makes this possible, because it unites us with Jesus. The key to faith is obeying what he tells us to do.

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